Old lawnmower

My son-in-law David, Rachel’s husband, worked hard on this old mower of Bob’s. He bought a new engine for it, installed it, and then fiddled with all the wires and controls, trying to get it going.

For a time, it looked like a lost cause, but David wasn’t giving up. Eventually, he got the engine going and then he had to get it rolling. Bob had stuck it on a pallet with the front wheels off the wood. The machine had to back up, but it refused over and over. That’s when I found a booklet about the mower. It gave David the information he needed to get both wheels turning together.

That filthy machine has been moved from the farm and hopefully, it will do a lot of mowing around their cabin.

It would be a three-hour drive to the cabin.

I’m sure Bob would approve and be happy our youngest married a determined man.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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