The county fair with grandchildren

I was surprised when Rachel messaged me and asked if I was up for a visit today. She and two of her children wanted to go to the fair and see my photo of Car-E (the third was off on a scouting camping trip with their dad). Of course, I wanted them to come.

I haven’t been to the fair so many times in one week in many years. It was two years ago that I went with a bunch of my grandchildren. Today it was only two but I was happy with that.

Susan, Arianna, and Eli at photography display with Susan’s winning entry.

We went through all the barns, but I think we spent the most time with the small animals and there the rabbits got most of our attention.

After watching a 4-H demonstration about bunny hopping, we were even offered a free rabbit and help to get it to hop over bunny-size jumps. Though Arianna would have brought a new pet home, Rachel said a firm, “No. Our dog chases rabbits. It wouldn’t work.”

Our day started out in the rain but ended in sunshine. I’d say it was a successful visit.

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