The unimaginable

Car-E likes to harass the senior cats in the house.

He started jumping on Othello, who is around 16. Car-E just wanted to play but Othello has never seen his play as fun. He often verbally chastized Car-E and moved away, only to be followed by the large kitten.

So I never thought I’d see the two of them sleeping together.

Maybe this was a one-time event. I don’t know, but I’m happy I had my phone with me so I could document this.

Othello doesn’t cuddle with Cruella either. He never has. If they get close, there are cat words exchanged. The best they have done is to sleep at opposite corners of my bed. So having Othello and Car-E sleeping this close was a notable event.

Hoping for other sightings like this one in the future, but I don’t expect much.

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