Disappearing Car-E

I was talking to my friend Joyce over internet messenger when I realized Car-E was nowhere near.

I started calling and looking for my kitten. Did he slip out when I came back in after locking the chickens up? Did I lock him in a closet? Did he get out when I put food out for the barn cats?

I looked everywhere. If he got outside, I may never be able to catch him. He’s very fast.

Joyce was listening as I investigated closets and cabinets. She thought she heard a little meow somewhere. Joyce couldn’t help as she’s in Illinois.

I kept up my search for my missing kitten.

Finally, I found him.

When I clicked the latch of the storm door, Car-E had slipped in behind me. As I closed the inside door, Car-E was caught between the two doors–I could have hit him with the door!

He is one slippery cat, full of curiosity.

I’ve got to keep better track of my fast furry friend. He makes my dull life exciting.

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