The sad saga of the picnic table

On August 2, I ordered a folding picnic table (Store name withheld at this point). It was to be delivered on the 8th, and then the 12, and then 13th….. Finally, it was to come today, the 17th, between 10 and 12.

A huge box was delivered by a freight company. It had my name on it. I couldn’t wait to open it and unfold my table–no assembly was required.

I planned on eating my lunch outside on my new table.

I couldn’t wait. I had anticipated this picnic table for weeks. I took photos of this big event as I planned on sharing my purchase here, with you.

It was extremely heavy, and I struggled to get it out of the box.

It wasn’t my folding picnic table.

It took all my strength to get that two-sided, 110 pound table top back in the box.

I wanted to cry.

Frustrated, I called the store, but heard the hold message and then went on their web site but was told to call the 800 number. Finally, calling I sat on hold for forty minutes.

They said my picnic table came straight from the manufacturer. They couldn’t understand how there was a mistake.

I’m to wait for a call from them to pick this THING back up–It’s too heavy for me to move it. Once returned, I get my refund.

But what I really want is my Picnic Table!

The sad saga of the folding picnic table continues.

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