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Topfin fish aquarium review

I went to the pet store to buy 2 snails. They were out. Instead, I bought Blue Fish, my beta, a new tank. Below is my review.

The tank holds one gallon of water. It is just right for the single beta that is now living in there.

My past betas lived in bowls without filters. I just changed their water weekly. Having a small filter in this tank will make weekly water changing unnecessary. Another good point for this product.

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Garden seat/kneeler review

Do you work on your hands and knees planting flowers and vegetables? If your answer is yes this product might be for you.

I bought my garden seat/kneeler a few years back and paid a little less than $50 for it. The prices haven’t changed much but the new ones have an addition. Most come with an attached pocket for tools. Mine did not.

My seat/kneeler is very sturdy. It would take quite a bit to tip over while using it, but to be safe make sure it is sitting flat on the ground when sitting on it.

I hope this review has given you an option when gardening.

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Yogurt maker review

The last time I wrote about making yogurt I put a quart jar of milk and starter into an insulated food container. To heat the liquid, I wrapped the jar in a heating pad on low. It worked, but doing it this way always had me wondering about my process.

This week I bought a real yogurt maker for $26.

Below is my review.

This gadget will make plenty of yogurt for me. My starter is an individual carton of store-bought yogurt that says it contains active yogurt culture.

I like it plain and I also like it with fresh fruit added.

I haven’t had it long so I don’t know how long the machine will last, but so far so good and it worked without much fuss.

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Another food experiment

I think being home has made me susceptible to trying unusual food, at least unusual for me.

Amazon makes doing these food experiments easy as they can be delivered right to my door.

This video was made when my seaweed was delivered.

Remember, eating seaweed is good for you.

Since I bought more than I can eat of this snack food, I’m willing to share, so friends beware.

Okay, the first person who took my dare and tried my seaweed snack. Son Russell didn’t get past one tiny bite. He then needed another mouthful of food to rid himself of the seaweed taste.

Anyone want a taste? I can slip a square into a letter for you.

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Car-E is interested in the popper

I got my West Bend Stir Crazy electric popcorn popper out and attracted my cat’s attention. (Originally purchased a few years ago at Fleet Farm, Appleton, WI.)

I think Car-E would have liked it better if the top of the popper was off. If that happened he would have loved chasing the popped kernels.

I do love this popper but I don’t eat popcorn too much. Most of this batch went as a treat to my four hens.

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