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Book: Ghost Boy

I just finished reading Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius.

Ghost Boy

I learned a lot from this book, especially that we should not judge a book by its cover. One person discovered Martin was trapped inside his body, that he was awake inside, not a ‘vegetable’. After years of being sick, Martin started to wake up. It took time, but eventually, he knew all that was happening around him, though at the time he couldn’t communicate with the world.

I’ve included a link to NPR’s Invisibilia’s. Here Lulu Miller tells the story of Martin Pistorius, whose body began to slowly shut down when he was 12 years old. For years, he was locked in his own body with nothing but his thoughts. (2015 interview)

Ghost Boy is written by Martin. Through it we get a glimpse of the life he lived and how he is today.

I found the book inspirational. Anyone working with someone who has a communication challenge should read it. (It’s also a recorded book.)

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Tea with the Dames

I have wanted to view this video for a few months. I saw it for a price on Amazon Prime.

Since I didn’t want to pay to watch this I finally remembered what I could do. I borrowed it from the library. It was actually in my local library and was on the shelf. I was able to pick it up curbside the same day.

The four dames are Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Joan Plowright, and Dame Eileen Atkins. All these women are fantastic actresses, starting in their youth and continuing through their lives.

These four have been friends since the 1950s. In this video, they visit and talk about their lives, loves, and friendships.

It is about 86 minutes, but I wish it was longer.

I recommend this video to anyone who has enjoyed the many acting endeavors of these women.

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Rewatching a good movie

Bob and I watched Hidden Figures when it first came out in theaters in 2016 and were enthralled.

On the news on February 24th was the report of mathematician  Katherine Johnson’s passing at the age of 101. So when I was working in the library on Tuesday, I checked out the DVD/Blu-ray and brought Hiden Figures home to watch again.

It was just as powerful as the first time I saw it. I recommend it to all my family and friends. If you saw it in the theater, it wouldn’t hurt to watch it again at home.

These women were hidden treasures that were finally found and celebrated.

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Trying to eat healthy

After talking to our regular doctor, Bob and I are again trying to eat healthy. We have cut some carbs, but not enough. Bread is on the chopping block. Guess it’s oatmeal for breakfast and not toast tomorrow.

Anyway, we bought an assortment of vegetables at the grocery store. When we were in the freezer section I got stirfry packages and peas and some other stuff. Then I saw a new addition to our small-town store.

Next to the cauliflower florets was a package of Buffalo cauliflower. I thought flavored cauliflower would appeal to Bob–he really doesn’t care for ordinary cauliflower.

We bought it and made it as our side dish tonight.

I’m not too fond of spicy food, but I did make an effort to eat my serving. Bob didn’t care for the spicy cauliflower either.

When other food doesn’t meet our tastes, I can usually share it with our chickens, but not this time. Too spicy for our girls.

We ate about half of the buffalo cauliflower and tossed the rest.

Maybe this wouldn’t be spicy enough for some people. It was too spicy for us.

Just a warning for others like us, who take spice on the light side.

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Too early a season

When I married into the Manzke family, I found that one winter activity they did was jigsaw puzzles. I think I had attempted one once in my life but found we didn’t have a large enough table for a puzzle so that one was never solved.

Bob taught me how to start a puzzle. When turning over the many pieces, extract the edges and put them together first.

It wasn’t until we moved here on Miller Road that Bob and I took up doing winter jigsaw puzzle ourselves.

Today was the first of the 2019-2020 season. It came to us as a gift for my August birthday from a friend named Susan and is 500 pieces.

Our first finished puzzle of the 2019-2020 season.

These days our pieces are larger in size, but fewer in number. Only on rare occasions will we do 1000 piece puzzles. Five hundred and even three hundred work better for us these days.

So we’re off, with one puzzle under our belt, though it’s too early. In many past years, we didn’t start until December, after fall farm work was finished, but nothing is ordinary anymore, especially the weather.

Now it’s time to box this puzzle up and bring out a second. The season has had a good start.

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