Heat and humidity

This is not my favorite weather. I do not like extremes, neither hot or cold. But we have to live with what we get.

A lot of plants like hot and humid weather. This is especially true of corn. If you sit in the middle of a cornfield you can hear the corn grow. I’ve tried to listen to this but I’m never patient enough. Others have told me that they did hear the corn stretching toward the sun on a hot summer day.

Grass, also in the corn family, is growing like crazy. A person can’t just cut once a week. The time between cutting here has to be less than seven days or I’m left with a hayfield and not a lawn.

Today is just too hot for me to do outside work. I even left the chickens out of their coop early so they can get fresh air. Usually, they are not set free until after lunch. Keeping them locked up assures me that the eggs they lay will end up in a nest and not hidden somewhere in the yard.

So I’m back inside the house where I have a window AC unite. As I write, I’m also watching Car-E play.

I’m glad he’s attracted to his hanging toy. A few minutes ago he was by me, walking across the computer, typing all sort of cat gibberish. ;ajgd;lhpq Oh oh, Car-E is bbbbback.


Guess I’m done with this blog for today. Car-E wants my attention NOW!

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