Chicken as prey

A city friend asked me about having chickens and cats on the farm. “Don’t the cats kill the chickens?

The answer is, “No.”

Mostly the cats and the chickens ignore each other as displayed in this short video.

“What about cats eating chicks? Surely they would attack a tiny chick.

The answer is the same. “No.” But for a different reason, that being the mother hen. If you want to be attacked by a chicken, just try to pick up one of her babies. Hens become wild (mad as a wet hen), like any mother having her child/children threatened would.

When I was a teenager I raised chickens and ducks. A Chicago cousin wanted to hold a baby duck. I advised Keith to leave it alone. Keith didn’t listen. I let the mother do the rest.

Keith grabbed a baby duck. It cheeped a cry to its mother. The hen heard the call. Enraged she flew across the yard, attacking Keith. My cousin quickly put the duckling down. The mother grumbled at him in duck language as she ushered her baby away. Keith never touched another baby after that day. I never had to warn him again. That duck said it all.

Dogs may grab a chicken if given the chance, so will raccoons and coyotes. But as for cats eating a healthy chicken, no. At least I’ve never had that problem.

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