Four-footed friend

My dog Sunny is more than a pet. He’s a friend.

Sunny would stay outside all day, even in this hot weather, if I would let him. I have work to get him to come inside. Usually, a treat does the trick, but sometimes he’s so stubborn he will forgo the treat so he can stay out longer.

Sunny came to sit with me on the back porch. He keeps a lookout for anything that may come into the yard, be it human or animal.

This day Car-E the kitten had been racing back and forth in the porch, but I couldn’t catch them in a picture together. The cat was just too fast.

If Car-E gets too annoying, Sunny gets up and moves. If Car-E continues to bother him, I’ll put the kitten in another part of the house to give the dog a break.

I believe the kitten and the dog will become friends, or at least Sunny will learn to tolerate Car-E.

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