Dream a little dream

My dream last night was about Bob. Usually, when I wake up, my dreams fade away, but not this one.

It started with me looking up at our home. In the dream, it was a brick home, though we had never lived in a brick home.

There were a few loose bricks at the corner of this house and Bob was going to fix them.

But fixing two bricks wasn’t on Bob’s itinerary. In my dream, my husband had a sledgehammer and was banging away at an opening in the wall, making way for a large window–if there was a job to do, Bob could always make it bigger.

Bob at work on his combine.

All I remember thinking in the dream was that he shouldn’t be working so hard because he was a sick man. Still, I let him bang away because working made him happy.

Memories of Bob pop up often, now especially. It’s spring planting season and farm machinery is moving up and down fields. I expect Bob is watching from above, cheering on our neighbors and hoping for a better season than last year.

Well, that’s my little thought for today.

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