Not a poet

When I started writing (late teens and early twenties) I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. I just knew I did.

At one point, I thought poetry looked easy. Poems were short, or at least the ones I read were. So I tried my hand at poetry, writing in a notebook, and typing some out.

Susan’s poems from the 1970s

So you won’t have to strain your eyes reading the poem in the photo. Here it is:


Sorry for the words I said.

Sorry for the things I did.

Sorry when I tried to stay.

Sorry that I went away.

Sorry when I left home.

Sorry while I’m left to roam.

Sorry when I’m all alone.

But most of all

Sorry that I wrote this poem.


I hope you are smiling at the young me trying to be a poet. There are other poems, just as terrible. Good thing I redirected myself away from poetry. It just wasn’t a good fit.

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