The highlight of the day

Today rain showers could pop up, but the temperature is going to near 60, so that’s nice.

I will take the dog for a walk, but that’s not the highlight of my day. Getting mail is.

First, I have to bring in my garbage container. Doing that isn’t even close to being a highlight, but it is great that the garbage was picked up again. These days I’m never sure what is considered essential.

As I said, the highlight is getting the mail. First, there’s the anticipation and then the discovery.

This reminds me of life when I was a child. I’d always keep an eye out for mail delivery. Maybe there would be a card from grandma or a letter from my Australian penpal, Pauline. A blue airmail envelope from the other side of the world was always very special. Now I can chat with Pauline online which is very good. But somehow those letters were extra special.

There wasn’t much in my mailbox today. But I sent out cards to grandchildren so they can find something in their own mailboxes later this week.

The excitement is now shared.

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