Trimming trees

No, I’m not trimming any trees.

Two weeks ago WPS notified me that they would be cutting trees close to the electric lines by Sunnybook Farm. Well, they showed up today.

I went and took a photo last week of the trees before the trimming.

before the trimming branches surround the electric lines

I was worried about these trees getting tangled with the electric lines and causing all kinds of problems.

There were a lot of branches that needed removing.
The biggest one was the basswood … after its trim

Now, after all the branch trimming, I feel better. Hopefully, a wind storm won’t knock out electricity on Sunnybook Farm

This is a good thing. Only professionals should cut near electric lines.

Still, I would love to take a ride in that bucket that goes so high in the air. It would be great for picking apples in the fall.

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