Good and cold

Bob and I used to share one banana daily at breakfast. I still like eating a daily banana but only smaller ones.

I am now out of fresh bananas, but not out of bananas.

Some time ago, I peeled a few good bananas, wrapped them tight, put them in a container and froze them. I took one out this morning, sliced my frozen fruit and ate it. The second half will be eaten tomorrow.

One of our daughters laughed when she came across my wrapped bananas in the freezer. “What did you do this for, Mom?”

Now you know. I saved these to eat. (No they are not as good as fresh, but these are what I have.) Anyway, I could also use them to make a smoothy. Now that is yummy.

I have other frozen bananas in the freezer. These went in when they were getting old and still have their skin in place. I planned to use these for banana bread–I might try eating one of these if I get desperate. Maybe I’ll be able to keep the fruit frozen, yet take the skin off with a little warm water–too much defrosting turns them all to mush.

So now I can get by without fresh bought bananas for a while.

It may not be the perfect solution, but it is a solution that will keep me at home for days/weeks of solitude ahead.

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