Dad named me Susan

Since I’m computerizing my 1982 columns, I was reading my account of the birth of our daughter Rachel Jo who was born in July 1982. It made me think about the stories told to me about my birth.

Mom said I was late coming into the world. Instead of July, I was born in August. Even when it was time for me to be born, I didn’t want to come.

Mom was in labor for three days in St. Ann’s Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. The doctors were worried about losing both mother and baby.

Dad was so worried he went to the chapel to pray. He said his prayers were answered, because that’s when things started to move along and I was born–a breach birth.

I had red hair like my dad and he named me Susan. Dad said he never had a boy’s name in mind.

That’s my step back in time to 1950 today for my blog this Tuesday.

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