Inside Bob’s head

Almost exactly one year ago, Bob’s cancer reappeared. We were able to get it to back down with cancer medicine, but now it has reared up again.

There are issues throughout my husband’s body, but the first thing to address is one particular tumor in his brain. Quite soon this one will be removed in an operation and the others will be zapped with radiation. Eventually, medicines will be used to attack the cancer spots in his body.

Today we got to see a view of the inside of Bob’s brain and the issues he/we are facing.

The tumor affecting Bob’s speech will be taken out soon. Hopefully Friday morning. Bob will stay in the hospital until Monday and then come home again.

We are so lucky our children are so supportive. Too bad snowy weather can make their travels to be with us difficult.

We all have a positive outlook and more often than not you’ll find us laughing. Being positive, having great support, wonderful doctors and a good sense of humor will get us through these tough days.

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