Riding along

We happen to have two carts to drive around the farm. The first is the 2001 Easy Go Workhorse, which is what we usually use.

This is the second cart. It is also an Easy Go, but it is a 1987 Marathon.

We don’t drive it often enough, and Bob had a terrible time getting it to start this summer. He worked hard on it so when family visits, we can have two carts to use.

Sunny and Bob after a drive down the farm lane.

Bob did a lot to get it going, but he’s not sure what actually made it go. After putting in a different battery it wouldn’t turn over. Bob couldn’t figure out what was going on, then it started and chugged along. After running rough for a while, it eventually ran smoother, but I still don’t trust it.

If anyone takes this cart for a drive, make sure you carry your cell phone in case you need lane-side assistance.

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