The other day I reached over my pressure cooker and accidentally hit the steam release with my arm. Yikes! I scalded a small patch of skin on my upper arm.

Right away I put ice on the spot, but that didn’t help much. All day my clothes rubbed on the sore and irritated it more.

It was time for a bandage to keep it away from touch. Bob gave me a regular size bandage, but I needed something bigger.

Lucky for me, some time ago I had bought these large Johnson and Johnson gauze bandages for Bob when he needed to cover a large scrape when a wrench slipped.

One fit perfectly for me.

It claimed to be waterproof. I thought, “Sure it is.” Well, I can tell you that it stayed on even in the shower. I eventually had to peel it off and that took a bit of work to get it off my skin.

If you do something stupid, like I did, and need to cover an ouwie, this really stays in place. I recommend these bandages–I’m sure ours had been in our medicine cabinet for years and it still stuck.

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