Butterflies flutter by

Over the years I’ve chased butterflies with my camera. Once in a while, I was successful. More often, I ended up without the image of the butterfly. It had flown far from view.

a swallowtail butterfly

So far this year I haven’t even tried to snap a photo of a butterfly. I have just enjoyed having their beauty in the neighborhood.

Last fall’s migrating monarchs.

As children, we chased the butterflies during the day and fireflies in the evening. For us, the chase was half the fun, even when neither my sister nor I caught anything.

Today, one butterfly seemed to follow us as we rode the cart down our farm lane. My thought was, “Isn’t it nice having such beautiful company.”

I hope more come for a visit in the future. Maybe, if they rest long enough, I’ll be able to capture their beauty with my camera again. I sure hope so.