Grand-dog visit

Today we have an extra dog in our house. Jade belongs to our daughter Rachel and her family. She’s been with us before. Coming here is like a vacation for Jade, but not for our cats.

Though Jade is an aged dog, she still reacts when she sees any of our cats. To keep the peace, we make sure our inside cats are locked upstairs while the puggle visits. It’s not a real hardship for the cats. They have a comfortable space, food, and water. They also can sleep with us at night. It just bothers them more that they can’t roam the whole house as usual.

Jade takes a cat bed for herself.

Jade doesn’t move fast unless a cat sneaks out and comes into view, then she races across the room. Good thing the cats are faster. Still, it is best if the cats remain confined upstairs. Most of Jades time here is spent sleeping, kind of the way our cats do, so they have a lot in common.