Just like Bob

Bob is taking on some chores he hasn’t done in months. One chore that he won’t do again is collect chicken eggs. That’s one thing he is not volunteering to do again. It’s all up to me now.

Today, I only found one egg in the nests. Since I had to toss out chicken feed before leaving, I put the egg in my sweatshirt pocket–I should have taken it right to the house.

Something distracted me. Instead of tending to the egg, I started pulling weeds by the barn.

After working for half an hour, I felt something liquid on my upper leg. The egg had smashed in my pocket.

My next chore was to wash my sweatshirt.

When I told Bob about my mishap he smiled and said, “At least, it wasn’t me this time.”

Eggs that made it to the kitchen, including one supersized one.
At least the double joker didn’t break in Susan’s pocket.

I will try to remember not to do this again, but I can’t guarantee I’ll always do the correct thing. Such is life.