Sha-Bock Farm Bed and Breakfast

When we had grandchildren visiting we decided to take them to a friend’s farm. Sha-Bock Farm Bed and Breakfast is just a few miles away and they happen to have animals that are nowhere to be found on Sunnybook Farm.

Wyatt, Arianna, Serenity, and Eli looked around the farm.

The first animal spotted when we drove into the farmyard was a peacock, but it was too fast for me to get a good photo. Chickens also roam the farmyard. Last year we got a few eggs from the Bock flock to put under our setting hen, so a few of our birds are related.

Next the children got to view the llama and alpacas that live at Sha-Bock Farm.

One large Llama in the back, surrounded by assorted alpaca just days after sheering.
Eli tried getting a closer look.
Jeb Bock said his alpaca haven’t forgiven him yet for their spring hair cuts.
Serenity, Arianna, Wyatt, and Eli enjoyed their visit to Sha-Bock Farm B&B

I think anyone who would like to relax in the country would enjoy their time spent on the Sha-Bock Farm B&B. You never know, you might be faster and get a good photo of their pea fowl. Check them out online at: