They played hookey today

Today our daughter Rachel drove up from Sun Prairie to go with us to Bob’s monthly oncology appointment. Along with Rachel came her youngest, five-year-old Wyatt. Both had put aside work and school to be with us.

Bob’s appointment went well. The results of his blood test were all positive. The doctors (one we knew for years who we met in the hallway) thought Bob looked great. Their positive comments made us smile.

Yes, Wyatt came into the appointment, too. He said he wants his grandpa to get better.

Besides the short appointment, we had fun spending the day with Rachel and Wyatt. Here are some photos Rachel took today.

Grandma Susan advised Wyatt while he painted a ceramic tile.–Wyatt did great!
Grandpa Bob didn’t have to advise Wyatt how to do the puzzle. Wyatt knew what to do.
A closed window kept Grandpa Bob dry as Wyatt practiced with his squirt gun on our front porch..

All around, this day was a good one. Thanks Rachel and Wyatt for adding smiles to our day.