Salt and pepper

My day is ending and I haven’t written my blog. Here are my thoughts for this evening.

When Bob and I were first married we didn’t have anything to decorate our mobile home. In my endeavor to put a little color into our rooms without spending much money, I started collecting salt and pepper shakers.

Back in the 1970s, rummage sales had the best bargains. For twenty-five cents, I could buy sets of all sorts and sizes. I liked the funny ones best, but anything, odd or different was good, too–I even brought home some chipped ones just because they were so different.

After a time I actually had too many salt and pepper shakers. There was no room in my curio cabinet so some got packed away. Also, our toddlers were accident prone and pieces were broken.

As time has passed, the price of the shakers went from a quarter to $2, to $5 or more. Good thing I had no need for more.

Maybe, if I look through my cabinets and stored sets now I might find a few real treasures. But I doubt it.

They served their purpose. But I’ve gone off collecting salt and pepper shakers or any knickknacks. The main reason why I’m no longer fond of them is because they have to be dusted.