Trying to be creative

A long time ago, I was a member of a photography club. Each month we had an assignment. We were to bring a photo to the meeting that fit.

Back then I had a 35 mm camera which meant I had to take my rolls of film in to be developed. Sometimes the cost didn’t fit in my budget and I passed on the assignment.

I tried finding ways to include our children in my photos. We had young ones, so I often dragged them along with me on my adventures.

One day I took Russell and Rachel to the deserted Black Creek Depot. I wanted to get photos of the building before it was torn down.

The first photo here today was an unplanned action shot. Look to the left where little Rachel almost took a tumble as she tried to catch up with her brother.

Fall 1984 – I think

The next photo turned out pretty well. I asked Russ to look in the window. He went up on his tip-toes. Don’t you wonder what he saw?

Russell peeking in the Black Creek Depot

These days I have a digital camera. I use these photos to add life to my columns and to document life on Sunnybook Farm. Being digital means I don’t have the cost of film and developing, so I take a lot of photos which I will continue to share here and in my column.