Sharpener review

I have a thousand scissors around the house and all are dull. Okay, maybe not a thousand, but all that I have always seem to be dull. We have knife sharpeners here that work well, even one used ages ago by a butcher (probably a collectible). The trouble is you can’t sharpen scissors the same way you do knives.

I googled how to sharpen scissors.

The google replies said to cut sandpaper over and over with a pair of scissors to sharpen it. I did this and had a little success, but first thing is to have sandpaper handy.

The second suggestion was to take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it over a few times. Like the sandpaper, you cut the foil many times to sharpen your scissors. My success rate wasn’t any better with this method.

I then asked the Internet for a scissor sharpener. A bunch of knife sharpeners showed up, but so did some scissor sharpeners. One gizmo was a professional model and cost over $400–since I didn’t want to go into the business of sharpening, I continued my search for a reasonably priced sharpener.

I ended up with Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Sharpener. It sharpens knives, scissors and shears. This model cost me a hair under ten dollars.

Jiffy-Pro Sharpener

I found this sharpener easy to use. Knives just zip through. Scissors take a firm hand to hold in place, but it worked well for my needs.


One extra benefit (that I don’t need) is that it will sharpen left-handed scissors too. It is designed in the U. S. but made in China.

I did not buy any other sharpeners so I don’t know if any are better. (There was another that was cheaper and one for the desktop.)

All I can say is that Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Sharpener worked well for me. Now I don’t have to buy another scissors just because all of mine are dull.