Trial and error

inked vase

I tried my hand at inking a vase. This is the first time I attempted doing anything with my inks besides plastic eggs.

I got the vase wet before I found out that it has to be sprayed with a sealer to keep the colors.

I should have taken a before-photo when it was white. The first photo here is before my wet hands touched it. The second is after I applied more ink to the white smudges I had inflicted on my creation.

Much of the first coloring came off on my wet hands. I should google ALL instructions and read through everything before leaping ahead. The colors are not fixed when first applied. They need to dry a day or two and then sprayed.

inked vase after correction

I know you might not see the difference, but I do.

I will work on another project soon and but first I will watch a few more instructional videos and not jump ahead.