A great noise

I was in the living room when I heard a great noise coming from the kitchen. All I could think was that my large kitten Car-E was getting into mischief again.

Of course, I was right. Car-E had turned over the dish drying rack and trapped himself in the sink.

Could he get out? I grabbed my camera to document another Car-E adventure.

Here’s that video.

Happily he escaped and happily the rack was empty and nothing was broken.

I have to watch what I leave on the counter. As I was putting my groceries away, Car-E grabbed a package of hotdog buns. In his play, he threw the bag on the floor, giving it to Sunny, my dog. Sunny took the bait and tried to eat the buns.

I got there just in time to rescue the buns.

Car-E has tossed other things down to Sunny. I think he wants to get the dog into trouble.

I can only wonder what kind of trouble Car-E will get into next.

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