READ poster — 3 years ago

It’s too hot and humid today to write, or even think.

Today my Facebook page brought up a memory from three years ago.

These days the library is closed, except for curb pickup.

Above is the poster that hangs in the Muehl Public Library. My special book was/is Lassie Come Home. It was the book that made me a reader and eventually a writer.

It took until Seventh Grade for me to discover the joys of reading.

For school, I needed to do a book report and was far from a library. In my mother’s books, I found Lassie Come Home, a story about a dog. Until I met Lassie, reading was just work–my dyslexia was undiagnosed when I was a child.

Finding that book was a blessing. Eventually, I added horse books to my book list. A special favorite was the Black Stallion series.

Today seemed like a good day to share this again.

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