Mismatched subjects

I just realized I hadn’t blogged today.

After taking Sunny for a little walk I thought I’d take his photo next to the corn.

Sunny on the edge of the field.

The corn is growing and starting to tassel, but it still has a long way to go.

When I was a kid we cousins used to play hide-n-seek in a neighbor’s cornfield. We never got lost, but younger children have been known to get lost in a cornfield.

Once, I thought we lost our little Becky in the corn. Luckily, she knew to walk around the tall corn to get to the neighbors, but she sure scared me when she disappeared that day.

The neighbors weren’t home so one one could tell us our two-year-old had gone to play in their sandbox.

I wanted to tether her to me after that. She sure was one slippery child, also getting lost in the Museum of Science and Industry when she was five. I didn’t let go of her hand after we found her that day.

I let my mind wander today. See what happens when I don’t plan what to write in my blog.

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