Multiplying neighbors

I’ve known for a long time that a raccoon has come to finish the food I leave for the outside cats. I’ve caught her on our critter camera coming onto the porch.

From September 2018

I call her a female, but I really didn’t know for sure, until last night.

Mrs. Raccoon brought out the family just before dark last night–because of the poor lighting, the photos are not the best.

At first, I thought I saw a cat by our maple tree, but then there was another. All the kits were having a ball climbing up and down the tree while their mother came for her evening snack–not much was left, but she ate any crumb she found.

It was hard to count all the kits. At first, I saw three, then four and then five!

I didn’t get a photo of it, but a sixth baby raccoon joined its siblings and mother just as the scurried away into the darkness.

That mother has her hands full. I’m just happy that raccoons only have one litter a year.

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