Blue Fish

My current beta fish is a beautiful blue. I had a pink one earlier this year, but it didn’t last long. Blue Fish was its replacement.

Today was bowl cleaning day. I set the water to come to room temperature a day ago. It was the perfect temp for the fishbowl today.

Betas live alone when kept in captivity. They are known to be nasty if put in a bowl with other fish. In nature, Everyone has a lot of places to hide, so other fish have a chance to get away from a Beta on the warpath.

I dipped Blue Fish out of his dirty water and put him in another vessel when I took his bowl. His fish water was then used to water my house plants.

Blue Fish before leaving his dirty bowl.

I do this water switch once a week.

Blue Fish sits in his bowl on the kitchen counter where I can see his beauty every day.

Fingers crossed that he lives a long life. Too bad the pink one didn’t. She was a beauty, but so is her replacement.

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