Five jobs I’ve had

I saw a post on Facebook, suggesting people list five jobs they have had. I think they said five so we wouldn’t have a list an arms-length long. I just started thinking about my list of jobs and definitely had more than five.

Of course, I’m a writer and a speaker. That leads me to being a fur trader….

at least as a speaker telling about Wisconsin’s past.

as a writer

I’ve also been a mechanic…

under Bob’s tutelage.

Right out of high school I worked in a grocery store lugging boxes and stocking shelves. After that, I was a bookkeeper/clerk at Frankfort Grain in Lumber in Frankfort, Illinois and then came the time I was a receptionist for a Dr. Polito DDS. (All Illinois jobs)

While in Wisconsin I worked as a secretary for the religious education department at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. I also was an activity assistant at a nursing home and an elementary school teacher’s assistant.

Somewhere along the way in the 90s, I had a short-lived job working for Budget Rental at the airport. (Too high pressure for me.)

The longest-lasting job (besides writing) was farming. I was Bob’s partner and right-hand-woman, especially when he needed someone to hold something or reach into a small place to turn a wrench.

I drove tractor, pulling implements: baler, cultivator, disk.

I was always on call when Bob got stuck and needed a pull.

During haying season

after a long hot day farming

I even moved bales (in the 1990s).

This is beginning to sound long enough to be a column. I just may expand this job thing in the future. Stay tuned.

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