Something new and something/someone old

Today I went to the new coffee shop, JSA Coffee Roasters, 406 N Main St, Seymour. There I met an old friend, Jane.

We sat and sipped on our drinks, catching up for about two hours.

My drink of choice was a hot chocolatey coffee. Jane had an extra-strong coffee on ice.

My yummy coffee
Freshly roasted coffee packaged for sale
Besides coffee, there are plenty of teas to chose from.
These coffee pods came home with me so I can do a personal tasting and see what I like best.

There are many flavors of coffee and teas to drink. I’ll try one of my pods soon and keep notes on which flavor I like best.

Meeting an old friend at a new coffee shop was a good thing to do on a gloomy/rainy day. Both made me smile.

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