Camp Manzke

It was cloudy when our campout started on our farm Thursday evening. One tent went up, but Rebecca and Andy decided to wait for the rest of the family to arrive on Friday before staying the night.

The rest of the weekend’s weather was near perfect, a little hot, a little windy, but near perfect.

This is what our backyard looked like by Friday evening. Four families divided into tents and popup camper. One tent had just girls and the popup had just boys. A third tent had one teenager.

Bob and I stayed up past our bedtime to sit around the campfire with our family. We did not go into any tent. We went up to our bedroom where we slept with our dog and two cats. (Actually, we left Sunny our dog to spend the night in the kitchen with Rachel’s dog, Jade. That way they both had company.)

Early Saturday, we went to the Outagamie County Fair to see the animals.

In the afternoon the kids had a water balloon fight.

Sitting under the night sky, seeing shooting stars, and being with family was the best.

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