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A quick look at Sissy’s Treats and Treasures

Remember to buy local.

When you are hunting for something different, try browsing through this shop. A special gift might appear on the next shelf that will suit you.

Remember, all my books are at Sissy’s, too. Reading material is perfect for a long dark winter.

Some of the treasures are handmade, others are from the past, saved to hand down to the next generations. You have to take your time looking into every corner of this shop so you don’t miss anything.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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Real treasures today

Even if I don’t keep everything, these things can be useful to someone.

Many items will be passed along to others or end up at a St. Vincent de Paul store where treasures are also found.

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Toss or keep treasure hunt

I took too much time on this basket of stuff and haven’t come up with many answers. I have a problem making decisions.

In addition to the date ’94 on the ceramic windchimes, I also found initials BM. That means they were made by daughter Rebecca (Becky Manzke). I should give them to her and make them her what-to-do problem.

For the time being, I’ll keep them and hang them up to see if they really chime or just clack together.

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A small treasure hunt

You are helping me by watching my treasure hunt blogs. It inspires me to do more searching in closets and back rooms.

Things need to be sorted.

Things need to be discarded. like most that I discover.

Follow my journey of finding treasures and tossing junk.

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More junk than treasure

I think I found a way of weeding through all the STUFF/junk in my house. I’m going to make a blog hunt about my finds.

Today’s hunt is mostly junk.

Anyone want the plastic canvases I found? If you do, email me at They shouldn’t cost much to mail.

Oops. I’ve got to go. Car-E just knocked the ball of twine off the table and is unwinding it!

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