Cat on the rampage

I was so frazzled that I called Barn-E the wrong name in this video. It wasn’t Car-E trying to tear apart my computer wires, it was Barn-E. It’s easy to mix up their names. They are all troublemakers.

Today all my house pets are trying to drive me crazy with Barn-E as their leader.

I can’t turn around without one or the other getting into trouble.

It’s for sure they are working together. It’s like they want me to tear my hair out.

Don’t they know I’m the one who brings them food, water, and toys?

I think not, because Stella just ran off with my kitchen towel. She expects me to chase her. I don’t think I have the strength right now.

I think I’ll take a nap, but I’ll have to keep one eye open, just in case. Who knows? They might mount an offensive.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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