Meet my king and queen

My picture book, All the Queen’s Crowns, has two main characters, the king and the queen. The king expresses his love for his queen by giving her a new crown every day. In this illustration from Prayan Animation Studio, we see the young couple without any background.

Digital illustrations come in layers. This does not show any of the things surrounding the characters, but it will when the illustration is finished. Later I will be able to share more of the completed page.

The object of my book is to show different ways of expressing love. Giving too much, as the king does, isn’t always the best, but it does lend itself to humor. Eventually, you’ll see the fun that occurs when the king’s gifts get crazy.

Remember, the book’s title is All the Queen’s Crowns and I hope you’ll tell all your friends about this forthcoming picture book.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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