To the rescue

I wrote about taking a walk along my road and picking up garbage left by inconsiderate motorists. Today was different.

This time I walked after a rain, and yes, there was garbage (ugh) but there was something else. Traveling out of the grass ditch were worms.

Too bad for these worms they ventured out of their natural area and onto the shoulder and blacktop. There they would die except for my rescue.

I only walked about a mile in total and saved twenty worms and two nightcrawlers. In the grand picture, that wasn’t many but at least those few were happy not to die.

If I had been thinking about fishing, these guys might have met a different fate, that being used as bait. But fishing is far from my adventures right now so they were safe.

I felt good that I could help out a few worms today. They benefit the soil.

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