A touch of nature in the kitchen

Sometimes my house is very quiet. When this happens I turn on the television and radio–not too often at the same time. Today the TV and radio are off, but my computer is on.

I listened to a podcast while washing dishes, but afterward, I changed to another link.

This morning I turned to an old standby, the Decora Eagles nests. They can be found at explore.org as can many other animal cams around the world.


When I checked today, the eagle parents were away and the babies were on their own for a little while–when the camera pulled back a parent could be seen in a tree, probably hunting.

It is not just the sights that come into my laptop, so do the sounds. I hear geese, blackbirds, frogs, and even vehicles passing nearby.

Seeing and hearing this bit of nature picks up my spirits. I hope it does the same for you.

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