Achieving a good feeling

I’m not worried about running out of food for myself, at least not for quite some time. I was worried about others though. The critters I live with rely on me to feed them and I didn’t know how long their food would hold out.

Yesterday a solution occurred to me. I figured a way I could stay a hermit and still get dry food for our dog, Sunny and our cats Othello, Cruella, and all the ones that show up on our front porch every morning and night. All I had to do was to call Infinity Feeds in Seymour.

While on the phone at home, I ordered large bags of dry food, one for Sunny and one for the cats. I also remembered to order softener salt. I paid with my credit card and then drove to town to pick up my order.

All the bags were sitting by the door when I pulled up by the Infinity Feeds office. I waited only a minute before one of the workers came out, opened up the back hatch of my car and loaded the heavy bags inside.

I am so relieved to have all this food at hand. The driveby service worked perfectly. Now I’m sure together we can survive for weeks to come.

I haven’t unloaded my haul yet. I still have critter food in the house. When my containers are almost empty, I’ll work at getting everything where it’s needed.

Oh, yeah, I did a drive-by at Sissy’s, too. There Francine brought out my order of two Ruben sandwiches. I didn’t have to even open my door. She was watching for my car to pull up outside her shop.

These purchases are my little effort to keep our local business going.

I have to let my family know that when I came home, even though using drive-up services, I made sure to wash my hands and disinfect doorknobs and such. I am being a good hermit.

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