I saw a short video on the internet that braided the hanging drawstrings from a sweatshirt hood. It looked easy so I gave it a try.

made with flat cording
made with regular cording

To start, take the cord straight toward you. You will fold it in thirds. Hold the top fold and take the loose end that is on the right over your held fold. Bring it back under the cording. It is now back on the right. Use that right hand cord and start braiding over middle cord. From this point it is simple braiding.

Finally, you will have the first fold become a tiny loop. The end of the cord goes into that loop (it should be a tight fit so it doesn’t come out) and you are finished.

This is hard to give written directions without diagrams. I hope you can understand what I wrote. Otherwise, go to the internet. Here’s one link with multiple weavings:

Here’s another:

These instructions a bit differently than mine, but you’ll find many suggestions and directions out there.

It doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

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