Getting and giving change

I’ve been taught that it is not polite to accept change and count it in front of the person who handed it to you. This works most of the time. I find people are mostly honest.

When I handed someone money for an item yesterday, I expected fifty cents in change. These were the coins I got. One is a quarter. One is not.

I didn’t notice the difference until I got home and one felt lighter. That’s when I saw that the one on the left was not a quarter. It even has a hole in the top where someone once had it on a chain or something.

Maybe it was an honest mistake. Maybe they just got it in change themselves. I’m just happy that it was only a quarter. It’s not much of a loss.

I will not pass this coin on to someone else. It will stay here.

From now on, I’ll check my change when finalizing a sale…but probably not. I prefer to think of people as honest.

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