Words with the telephone company

We didn’t even realize our landline phone was out until our daughter Rebecca called me on my cell while I was at the grocery store. She was wondering what was wrong at home since all she got was a busy signal.

Nothing was wrong that we knew of.

When I got home the landline was working again, but our Internet was out. The recorded message said it would return at 2 pm–our Internet is DSL.

We couldn’t get any of our computers to connect to the Internet for hours. Even Alexa wasn’t talking to us. When it was time for Bob’s medicine alarm. Alexa sounded, but she wouldn’t shut off. I had to unplug her. Her Internet connection wasn’t working either–I never thought of her.

Finally, Bob’s desk computer started connecting, but nothing else would. In the end, I had to pull our modem’s plug and wait a minute. Only after that, did anything connect remotely.

Odd how we forget how life was before modern computers and the Internet. I send my columns to the paper via email. I communicate with friends on Facebook. Bob checks for sales on his computer and we both check the weather forecast there, too.

Susan makes connections via landline and Internet.

Now you know why my daily blog is late.

I prefer being connected, even if summer happenings keep me away from my desk most days.