Cats and chickens

I just went outside to give the barn (feral) cats their evening meal. I should have waited just a little longer. The porch was invaded.

If I had waited our chickens wouldn’t have joined the cats on the porch. Since chickens are omnivores, they will eat anything…I think I’ve said this before.

Cats do not scare chickens and chickens do not scare cats. For a short time, the chickens joined the cats and pecked at the food I had set down.

This is not fair. The cats never venture into the chicken coop and eat the chicken food. The chickens do not share equally.

Hen heading up the front steps
Cats and chickens munching on the front porch

If I try to shoo the chickens away I end up shooing away the cats. It’s best to let them all be. The chickens don’t eat much, just chicken feed.