A chill in the air

Bob wanted to be outside today, but the weather didn’t cooperate. It’s only 42* and there’s a damp mist, too. My husband went out for a few minutes to talk to another farmer who needed a part, when he came back inside he was shivering.

I knew this would happen to Bob and I had a cup of hot cocoa ready for him to drink. He just can’t cope with cold/cool weather.

Right now Bob has kicked back in his recliner. He’s watching TV and snoring, so a quick afternoon nap for him.

When the weather was in the 70s, I couldn’t keep him in the house. One afternoon Bob helped me plant seed potatoes in our unusual raised beds –we don’t garden on the ground if we don’t have to.

Bob helped plant potatoes in raised bed (an old ez-flow fertilizer spreader)
(photo from Manzke archives)

We are waiting for nice weather again, as all farmers are–Bob will forever be tied to the land, even if he can’t do all the work anymore. Soil is part of his soul.