Little mama

At the moment we have nine chickens. I do like the eggs that our hens have been giving us, but these birds can be a pain, too.

Our barn cats have gotten used to coming to our front porch for their morning and evening meals. Usually, I call “Kitty. Kitty.” to get their attention, if they aren’t already there, but I’ve had to stop calling them. The chickens think I’m calling them to eat and they come to the porch, too.

Chickens will eat about anything, even chicken. They like to peck around on the cat food and scraps I set out for the cats.

Most of the time the cats keep eating and ignore the birds. It’s only when a rooster comes on the porch that cats are annoyed. The rooster likes to boss the cats around.

Good thing the chickens don’t eat too much of the cat food. It’s just that they are a bother.

One of our little hens has decided she wants to set on eggs now. There’s no dissuading her. I marked 4 eggs so I know that these are the ones that she is brooding. Any unmarked eggs are taken out of the nest daily.

Last year’s co-mothers with 4 chicks–these two sat on one nest together.

I really don’t need any more chickens, ESPECIALLY roosters. I debated about even giving the little hen 4 eggs. She would be happy with two.

Oh well, we’ll see in three weeks if this little mama has any little ones. If she does, let’s hope they are hens.