Feeding critters

Morning and night we feed our pets. Our inside cats and dog tell us what time it is. When the cats start meowing and annoying us, we know it’s time to set out fresh food. Sunny, our dog, goes along with the crowd. At meal times, he’s happy the cats annoy us.

Othello and Cruella might love one kind of cat food one day, but when I set out the same food the next day they sometimes turn their noses up at it and walk away. Of course, soon they will be begging for their meal, but this time I know that they are asking for treats, not that silly canned stuff.

The feral barn cats are not allowed in the house, but they still manage to let us know when they are ready to eat. There’s a bench outside our kitchen window. An outside cat or two will climb up and look inside the window. This usually happens when Bob and I are eating.

The peeper gives a pathetic look like it will starve if food doesn’t arrive soon. I then gather up their bucket, put in their kibble and save them from starvation.

These 12 barn cats are happily starving…not.

Last night I added the drippings from our roast. The cats gorged themselves. Since there was plenty to go around, no grumbling took place. After eating I was sure I heard them groan because they had eaten too much–they are so deprived.