Othello, the black cat, and Cruella the black and white cat

Othello has been our indoor pet cat for fifteen years. Cruella has been around our house for about ten years.

They are not best buds. These two compete for everything, even for a spot in the sun. This photo shows a rare time when they came close to being together. The sunshine drew them to the pet beds on our porch. It wasn’t long after I snapped this shot that they both moved.

When Bob is on his recliner, both cats vie for a place on his lap. If one walks into the living room and finds the other already in the place of honor, I can see that the other is not pleased. Usually it turns and leaves–I’m sure mumbling under its breath cat curses.

I had to share this rare site today. Let’s hope more sunshine is on the way for all of us. I think I’ll move my chair out where I can catch some rays on the porch, too.