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Gardening…a little

I do not have a large garden. Up until today, I only had potatoes planted.

Yesterday, I called Keilhofer Greenhouse to see if they had any tomato plants left. They did. They also said I could arrange to buy them over the telephone and then pick them up without having to go inside.

Yeah, I told her I wanted 3 different tomato plants: Roma, yellow pear, and cherry tomato, along with a sweet pepper plant–I got their last sweet pepper plant.

We made the arrangements for my purchase. When all was set at the greenhouse, I got a phone call to pick up my plants.

This photo was taken in my car after I picked up my plants.

Today, I put my tomatoes and pepper plant into a raised bed Bob set up years ago.

It didn’t take long to put them in place.

This is a closeup of my pear tomato plant.

I also planted some lettuce seed, so with some bacon, at the end of August I’ll be able to put together a BLT.

If I want other fresh vegetables, I will head to a farmer’s market.

I do not plan on doing a lot of canning, if any anymore.

Now I have fingers crossed that my tomatoes do well and receive a gentle shower tonight to get them settled in their home for the summer.

In my dreams, I can see my little harvest and almost taste the juiciness of the bounty of my little garden patch.

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Canna tubers are in because of Bob

My canna tubers came out of their basement quarantine yesterday. They seemed to have survived winter pretty well. I’m not so sure about the dahlias though.

I have never been very fond of planting spring tubers because, in this Wisconsin climate, they have to be dug up in the fall to keep them from freezing to death.

I prefer perennials. They return in most years without a problem.

Anyway, these tubers are back in the soil again. I felt I owed it to Bob to do this.

Last fall, Bob helped me dig up the tubers just before our early winter arrived.

Bob also helped dig up our potatoes, too.

As I planted the cannas, I thought of Bob.

Those cannas are lucky. They have a new life this summer all because of Bob.

Now I wait for rain and new sprouts from the fields and from my flower beds, and more memories of Bob.

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A Winter Bloom in May

I like having house plants blooming in the winter. Seeing the colorful blossoms and greens gives me hope that spring will soon arrive.

Because my husband Bob was so sick this past December and died in January, I had no heart left to put my bulbs in soil.

Finally, I felt sorry for my amaryllis bulbs. Without any fanfare, I plopped them in a pot of soil. Now they have rewarded me with their trumpet-like blooms.

I have them out of the backroom and set them where I can enjoy the pink blooms in my kitchen now.

There are more flower bulbs and tubers in my basement. These are waiting for warm weather when I will place them in the soil outside. My fingers are crossed that they will do as well as these amaryllises have done.

Next week the temperature is predicted to turn warmer, without frost. If that is true all the bulbs will come out of the basement and start their journey to summer blooms.

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Things are sprouting

I’m not shopping. Rebecca brings me my essentials.

There’s no fresh lettuce in my fridge but I do have a substitute. That would be alfalfa sprouts.

I’m growing these myself. I thought I had my trays spaced so I’d have a fresh one every third day. To my chagrin, I had four trays ready at about the same time, so I have plenty to eat.

Yesterday I had a yearning for a taco salad wrap. I took turkey, avocado, tomato, taco sauce, and tons of sprouts to make my lunch. The taco sauce made it extra special.

Good thing Rebecca left an avocado and tomato for me on her last grocery delivery.

Susan with one batch of alfalfa sprouts.

When the sprouts are grown, I keep them fresh in containers in the refrigerator.

Alfalfa sprouts are my favorite, not radish sprouts, they are too tangy for me at this time. Maybe I’ll try that mix of seeds again later.

So now you see how my garden grows, even with freezing temperatures and snow in Wisconsin.

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Spring Greening

There are a lot of flowers getting ready to grow and bloom on Sunnybook farm.


and roses

All the photos were taken here today on Sunnybook Farm.

The joke is the rose. It is growing here, too, but inside. A small rose plant I saved from last Mother’s Day.

I can’t wait to see actual roses blooming, along with poppies and tulips. It looks like it will take a while before that will happen.

Winter weather is predicted to return tomorrow night and into Monday. Let’s just hope that the amount of snow that falls will only be an inch and not ten inches.

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